#BelvedereCompetition LIVE STREAMING VIDEO BROADCAST 2nd JULY 2016

This is very exciting. On Saturday 2nd July, Cape Town launches it’s first ever dedicated live streaming video broadcast website for classical music. The finals of the 35th International Hans Gabor Belvedere Competition will be broadcast live from the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town.

Cape Town Concert Hall, Belvedere Singing Competition, classical music, live streaming, video broadcast
Cape Town enjoys a prolific classical music scene, sustained by three universities and numerous youth programs. The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra is 102 years old, and delivers more than 12 full symphony concerts every year, as well as accompanying operas and ballets at the magnificent Artscape Theatre centre close to the Waterfront. Visiting artists find a highly skilled and professional music industry here and for this reason we are frequently visited by international super-stars such as Joshua Bell, Maria Kliegel, and Antonio Pompa-Baldi, with Howard Shelly lined up for November this year.

Following the example of the Berlin Philharmonic, we are testing a dedicated website for classical music performances, operas, competitions, and artist interviews from the city and surrounding areas. The finals of the 35th International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition will be free to watch on CapeTownConcertHall.com, and if the website is a success, Cape Town Concert Hall will be established as a year-round promotional platform for live video broadcasts and archives of accumulated performances.

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