About this blog

This blog is intended to present a reflection of classical performances that highlights the skills of the artists, as an alternative to the mainstream reviews in the print media.


With full respect to academically accomplished writers such as Pieter Kooij and Deon Irish, whos work is of great value to those who appreciate a peer reviewed, critical perspective, my intention is write a more accessible account for those who have not made an academic study of music theory and history, but who nevertheless love classical music and regularly attend concerts.


These reviews contain the perspectives of my “kindergarten” musical education (Matric Royal Schools G5 theory, G8 piano); degree in Fine Arts Sculpture UCT; and fascination with the power of music to change our emotional and mental states. My love of music and fascination with its emotional and psychological power has lead me into the field of psychoacoustics – the ability of sound to effect the brain rate through the “frequency-following response”. I qualified at The Hypnosis Motivation Institute and currently practice hypnotherapy with psychoacoustic sound, to assist in building confidence, motivation, peace of mind, and emotional healing.


More about psychoacoustic hypnotherapy on Andy’s website here: